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Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a procedure which involves removing excess fat and skin which are deposited around the abdomen or tummy.

Abdomen is the part which is most susceptible to deposition of fat. Excess fat and skin get accumulated around the abdomen and gives a loose and sagging appearance to abdomen mostly in ladies after pregnancy. This sagging tummy gives an older and tired appearance and also it poses difficulty for a person to do daily routine work with swiftness. So the persons with tummy desire to have a well toned and plane abdomen. When exercise, dieting etc. do not seem to work, Abdominoplasty helps a person to get rid of the excess fat and skin around abdomen.

Common cause of Loose or sagging tummy
• Ageing
• Weight gain
• Less exercise or physical work
• Heredity
• After pregnancy

In Abdominoplasty incision is made on the lower part of the abdomen and then excess skin and fat is removed and tightening of muscle fascia is done. Abdominoplasty can be divided into

  • Complete Abdominoplasty in which incision is made hipbone to hipbone and then skin, tissue and muscle are operated under the abdomen, position of navel button can also be changed.
  • Partial Abdominoplasty fat deposited below the navel is removed and belly button position is also not changed generally.

Patients planning for Abdominoplasty must abstain from tobacco product at least six weeks before the surgery as it may lead to some complications. Women Should plan for abdominoplasty preferably after completing their family .Tummy tuck surgeries can also be complimented with liposuction.

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