Circumcision surgery in delhi | urethroplasty surgery/surgeons cost
Circumcision - Circumcision is a male surgical procedure for removal of foreskin from the top of the penis. The procedure is generally performed for religious and cultural reasons in Muslim community and in certain tribes of Africa and Australia. Circumcision can be also be done -

• Pathological Phimosis.
• Chronic Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).
• Refractory Balanoposthitis.
• For personal belief/interest or for personal hygiene.

Circimcision is done as a day care surgery under local or genral anaesthesia.

Urethroplasty - Urethroplasty is a surgical procedure done for the treatment of urethral stricture. Defect or injury of the urethra is repaired with the help of this procedure. The function of the urethra is to carry urine from the bladder and pass it out of the body. Stricture that can occur in any part of the urethra causes obstruction in the flow of urine from the bladder . Treatment basically depends on condition and site of stricture.

Symptoms of Urethral stricture :-

• Flow of urine gets decreased
• Frequent urination & UTI
• Urgency

Northex Gynocosmetic centre is a pioneer institute for Circumcision and Urethroplasty procedures. We check our patients properly giving full time and attention. Our mission is to provide best treatment of circumcision and Urethroplasty to our patients. it is done as a singal or staged Procedure under spinal or general anaesthesia. it requires one to four days admission.