Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which excess fat of the body is removed by suction. In liposuction cannulas (tube which is slender, hollow and blunt tipped) are inserted inside the different body parts by making small cuts in the skin and then excess fat is suctioned out with the help of these tubes.

This is done skillfully in a calculative manner after determining the optimum amount of fat to be removed from the body. Liposuction can be done in different body parts where fat gets accumulated like abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs, arms etc.
People desirous of shaped looks can under go liposuction :

• Certain areas of fat deposit or pockets which are difficult to eliminate with diet or exercise like lower abdomen, inner thighs, hips, breasts etc are effectively made slimmer and proportionate with lopsuction.
• Elasticity of the patients skin should be good as a Prerequisite because liposuction only removes fat & not skin .
• Liposuction can be used to treat benign fatty tumors known as lipomas.
• For the treatment of large sized male breasts
• It should be taken into consideration that liposuction is not an alternative of regular exercise or dieting. It does not remove cellulite.

At Northex Gynocosmetic Centre we counsel the patient to choose the best option to look slim. liposuction is mostly done as a day care surgery with few axeptions.patient is back to work in 1-2 weak time strenuous activity is allowed after 4 weak. Full recovery from swelling & bruising ocurrs over 6 months or more..