Permanent laser hair removal delhi | hair removal surgery delhi cost

Hair Removal is non surgical cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted body hair effectively. Hair is present and grows all over the body. After adolescence hair becomes more visible. Some of the common areas where both men and women have hair are head, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, legs, armpits and private parts.

Different body hair like hair on arms, legs, face and on armpit don’t look aesthetic or visually pleasing on women. Not only women now men also want a “clean looks”, they also want to get rid of hair from certain body parts like chest and armpit. Also some men have lots of hair on their shoulder and on back which sometimes look very unpleasant.

We are using Laser Hair removal technique to remove unwanted hair precisely and as desired by our patients. In this technique low energy laser beam hit on hair follicle deep down the skin layer. Patients wishing for this procedure should not do waxing or any other hair removal technique which removes roots of the hair at six weeks before the laser hair removal procedure

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal technique :
• It is a non surgical procedure that removes unwanted body hair.
• It gives a more aesthetic look to a person
• It is more effective and more lasting than the shaving, waxing or bleaching.
• It can remove the hair permanently after certain sessions.

At Northex Gynocosmetic Center we are serving patients all over the Delhi and surrounding area for over last 10 years. Laser hair removal is done with Light-sheer ( Diode Laser by luminous), the gold standard in hair removal . We have experienced and highly skillful cosmetic surgeon to perform laser hair removal procedure.