Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are taken from one site of the body and then transplanted to bald site of the body. This is generally used to treat baldness especially in males. At Northex Gynocosmetic Centre we do it with minimal invasive techniques, in the procedures grafts which includes hair follicles (which generally don’t fall i.e. hairs from the sites which do not bald) are taken and then transplanted to the bald head. Hair Transplanted is also useful to give back hairs of beard, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. .

Benefits of Hair Transplant :

• Hair transplant gives a person younger and attractive appearance.
• Hairs for transplantation are taken from one’s body part only i.e. the person himself is donor and recipient.
• The hairs transplanted will continue to grow on their own naturally
• Patients can get the desired results effectively.
• Hair transplant is a safe procedure and can be done with local anaesthesia.

Hair transplant is totally different from skin grafting as in the skin grafting procedure different layers of skin are also transplanted. In Hair transplant operation a thorough check up is made of patient’s scalp and accordingly treatment is advised. A patient going for the procedure should take care of several things and should abstain from smoking, alcohol and certain medicines. The number of Hair Transplant session required depends on the area on bald scalp, density of the hair and hair loss rate of the person.

At Northex Gynocosmetic Centre we have most advance hair transplant technique by which gives best results and provide natural looking hair which beautifies the appearance of a person. A person looks younger and more attractive with the help of hair transplant. It makes a person more confident on his personal and professional life. With state of the art technology and more than 10 years of experience ensures that our patients get the best hair transplant treatment at Northex Gynocosmetic Centre.