With the age and some other factors wrinkles appear on our face. The skin of face slackens, and the firmness of our face skin disappears giving a much older appearance . Facial rejuvenation can be done with (A) botox and Fillers (B) Laser rejuvenation ( C) surgical face lift .

A Facelift surgery also known as Rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery done to restore the youthful look and glow to our face. In it extra skin is removed from the face and tightening of the facial tissue is done. After the surgery face becomes wrinkles free and much younger.

Miniface Lift can also be done for specific areas like jowls and midface sagging

This surgery is most commen be done for men & women over 40 year of age.mostly as a day care surgery of 3 to 5 hours under general anaesthesia. temporary Broosing , Swelling , Numness and tight feeling are commen sideeffects. the patient back to work over 10 to 14 days. strenuous activity is allowed after 2-3 weaks. sun exposure is limited for serval months.

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