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Breast reduction is also called a reduction mammoplasty. this procedure gives the proportionate and correct size to oversize large breasts. Extra large breast causes dragging pain in the head, shoulder, and neck and back. Excessive weight of breast causes difficult breathing in the supine position. it also causes uneasiness and harassment for a woman socially. Repeated intertrigo and fungal infections add to the problem significantly.

In Breast reduction surgery an incision is made around the nipple and inframammary crease to remove extra breast fat, tissue, and skin to give the proper size to the breast. The quantity to be removed is ascertained by proper preoperative assessment. With the help of Breast Reduction surgery, a woman can regain its normal physical shape and her lost self-confidence.

Common causes of oversized breasts :

• In pubertal breast development stage due to hormonal imbalance...
• Some women develop large breasts after weight gain at menopause.
• In some cases, genetic factors are responsible for heavy breasts.
• In some women, after delivering baby and breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery makes a woman more comfortable and makes her free from pain which is caused by oversized Brest. A woman can do her daily physical activities more freely and it also gives confidence to a woman who otherwise feels awkward and shy with large breasts.

Because Breast reduction is different for each patient, the cost of Breast reduction treatment will vary from Patients to Patients. But still, the cost of Breast reduction is 30,000 onwards.

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