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Breast is an important aesthetic part of a female appearance. Every woman wants to have a proper physical appearance and feminine shape. If the size or shape of the breast is small or unequal, a woman is psychological stressed and low in confidence.

Breast Implant surgery is also known as Augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation. it is done to enlarge or increase the size of small breasts and restructuring them to give the proper projection. Breast size can decrease after giving birth to the child and after Removal of large Fibroadenoma. The breast implant is also performed in cases when breast removal (mastectomy) has been done for CA breast. it treats cases of congenital defects where one breast is absent or Under Developed.

The breast implant is performed by placing implant material inside the breast surgically. we use silicon Implants in retromammory Position.we use the only USA -FDA approved Breast Implants.

Benefits of Breast Implantation :
• It enhances the size of the breasts.
• It corrects the shape to the breasts.
• It boosts the self-confidence of the woman.

Because Breast Implantation is different for each patient, the cost of Breast Implantation surgery will vary from Patients to Patients. But still, the cost of Breast Implantation is 30,000 onwards. 

Why Choose Northex Gynocosmetic Centre

Breasts Implants surgeries require a skillful and experienced plastic surgeon who can perform this surgery with expertise. If the surgery is not performed properly several complications may arise and in some cases a repair surgery need to be done. So It is very imperative to choose your surgeon very carefully. We at Northex Gynocosmetic centre understand our patients need and dedicate to provide the quality treatment. We have the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons who have performed a large number of successful surgeries. Thousands of happy patients who got their treatment at our clinic is a confirmation of our commitment and quality.