Birthmarks are marks or scars on the skin that are present from the time of birth. Basically these are discoloration of skin which looks a bit unusual and the person with these marks may feel low in confidence and uncomfortable with these marks.

There are majorly two types of birthmarks

• Port wine stain birthmarks – These are flat red marks and generally remain for life time. With the ageing these marks become thicker and more unpleasant. These are resulted by high concentration of blood vessels in a certain area.

• Coffee and cream birthmarks – These are the marks that are formed by patches of skin with high concentration of pigmentation. These marks may or may not remain for the life time. Some type of birthmarks can also pose health risks for the person.

For Birth Mark & Scar Removal Procedure

• The person should be in a good health,
• Able to understand the procedure, its result and other aspects of the procedure.
• Should refrain from smoking during treatment.

Why Choose Northex Gynocosmetic centre

We at Northex Gynocosmetic centre do surgical removal as well as laser treatment for birth mark & Scars . it is done with minimal incision technique . The numbers of sittings to be given to a patient varies and depend on the darkness , severity & site of the birthmarks. We wish to impart personalized care and decide the best treatment for him.