Breast Tightening Surgery and Breast Lift Surgery | Northex Cosmetic

Breast tightening or breast lift or mastopexy is a surgery to tighten the loose and sagging breasts. it is done by surgically tightening the breast tissue and lifting up the sagging breast to give proper shape to the breasts. An Incision is made depending the shape, size and condition of sagging of breasts. The position of areola and nipple can also be changed to give accurate shape and firmness to the breasts. Breast tightening gives a younger and more attractive look to a woman.

Causes of loose/sagging breasts

A woman breast can become loose and its shape can change from the normal because of several reasons like
• Breast feeding
• Pregnancy
• Weight gain
• Ageing
• Cigarette smoking

Benefits of Breast Tightening Surgery

Breast tightening surgery gives a woman young, shapely and attractive look. It removes the sagginess of the breasts and giving a firm and appropriate contour. This surgery increases confidence of a woman.

We at Northex Gynocosmetic Centre offer best treatment for breast tightening procedures to help you reclaim your youthful and attractive shape. Dr. Sunita Kaushik and Dr. Anju Goswami have vast experience supported by latest technology and skillful team to ensure the best treatment .