Northex Cosmetic Surgery
Center In Delhi


Northex cosmetic Surgery center in Delhi is a top-end hospital for plastic & cosmetic surgery with state of the art equipment and highly qualified team of female plastic surgeons in Delhi, Northex Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is situated in heart of north Delhi. This cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital is run by Dr. Anju Goswami and Dr. Sunita Kaushik which provide private, confidential and personalized care at cost-effective rates. Our plastic surgery hospital having operating rooms and recovery stations with fully equipped with the latest technology for patient safety and comfort.

We are Providing

  • Birth mark

    Birthmarks are marks or scars on the skin that are present from the time of birth. Basically, the [...]

  • Ear Lobule Stitch Less

    Ear lobules in Indian women are very important due to tradition of wearing various jewelry and ea [...]

  • Eyelid Bags Correction

    Eyelid Bags Correction also known as Blepharoplasty excess skin and tissue sag under the eyelids [...]

  • Facial wrinkles

    These are non-surgical cosmetic procedures which rejuvenate the skin, remove the wrinkles and giv [...]